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Mar.01.2016 C12 Member Profiles

Meet C12 Member, Paul Durso

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. ~ Philippians 2:3-4

Those two verses are the bedrock for Durso Capital Management. Integrating faith and business is a passion for Paul Durso, Founder of the Charlotte, NC-based retirement planning and financial advisory firm. Serving others; valuing others; and seeking the interests of others first and foremost are the core principles behind his firm’s mission.

Paul, a member of the C12 Group, a unique business advisory roundtable for Christian CEOs, Presidents and owners shared his early passion for ministry. “In college, I majored in Psychology and Pastoral Studies. Soon after graduating an opportunity knocked in the world of finance, so I moved to Michigan and took a position at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor. However, after four long years I knew this was not God’s plan for me,” said Paul.

Turning to his faith, Paul prayed with his wife on a Friday night that God would either change his heart to the financial business or change the circumstances that surrounded him in his career. The next Monday, everything began to change. Paul was offered a position with a small Christian financial planning firm that would soon be the catalyst for change in his heart towards the financial business.

Paul explained, “I once thought that you had to be paid by the Church to work in the ministry. That thought has changed through experience and now know that my business is my ministry – it is a relational ministry.  I fully believe the driving force behind what I do is to glorify God; and by having genuine, transparent relationships with my clients, I can honor God in and through my work. It has been an amazing and enriching opportunity to share the love of Christ with those who are hungry to learn more.”

A New Home Brings New Blessings

God was tugging on Paul’s heart to move his family south. In 2013, Paul, his wife and three young sons moved from Detroit, MI to Charlotte, NC. Paul admits, moving to Charlotte and starting a new business came with great fear and uncertainty. Through the C12 Group, he has made life-long friends and has grown more passionate about using his business as a platform for ministry.

Paul shared, “I discovered the C12 Group about three years ago and it has helped me in countless ways. The C12 Group has been a paramount part of my success at work, at home and in ministry. I have gained some of my greatest friends through C12. They are my accountability partners. I thoroughly enjoy spending one day a month focusing on the big picture issues of my business. I wish I could spend even more time at C12 as I always come away with new ideas, a fresh perspective and a renewed outlook.”

The C12 Group is not about networking or another business-centric Bible study. It’s an objective advisory board for brainstorming and decision-making, and iron sharpening. In a confidential, non-competing trusted peer board, members learn from the group’s experiences and insight. Encouragement and accountability are at the heart of C12’s principles and values. Members learn to be greater leaders of their businesses while living one integrated life under Christ and the results are immeasurable.

Faith Matters
Paul is passionate about his clients’ success and their willingness to open up about their faith. “We don’t preach to our clients. We drive one word—purpose. We ask our clients what is the purpose of why they are planning for retirement. What are they going to do in retirement to turn their past successes into future significance for those in their life. When we can get to the heart of these answers, that’s when we can formulate a winning strategy,” Paul elaborated.

Durso Capital Management’s strategy is working—and so well that he has created, and even patented a retirement planning model. Paul shared that his process and methodology that he walks each client through for retirement planning is very atypical from traditional financial advisors. “Most advisors use the basis of assets, which is how much money an individual will need to comfortably retire. Our planning system does not focus on how much money you have, it’s about the amount of interest and the amount of return a client needs to make for their plan work. Rather than the big dollar amount, we focus on the return numbers, which is the patented algorithm I used to figure out the retirement rate,” he explained.

Paul ran with his successful retirement model and put it in writing. He recently published, reThink. rePlan. RETIRE available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Paul laughs when he shared, “The book actually took me eight days to write, but eight months to edit.”Paul book

Paul believes fear, anxiety, and confusion don’t have to be a part of retirement. In his book, reThink. rePlan. RETIRE readers gain the knowledge and confidence to take charge of their future and how to evaluate their current retirement plan or how to begin that process from scratch. Paul wants to empower people of any age to take control of their future and thrive throughout the retirement years.

Making a Difference Through C12

Paul has been impacted by running his business for Christ, particularly through the C12 approach. He has learned to find a healthy balance in family life and work all while giving back to the community.

“C12 has impacted my home life just as much as my business and charitable spirit. My wife and I have always been committed to tithing and giving. When I created this business that mindset grew even more. We have the opportunity to give away God’s money to help support many charities financially as well as raise awareness for them. It’s amazing to use my business platform to help the community and charities,” he shared.

JAARSThis year Durso Capital teamed up with JAARs—an organization that is the leader of translating the bible into several languages. Plus, he also encourages his client-base to get involved in many local organizations and charities; whether donating their time, giving some money or using their talents to help.

The resources Paul is gaining through C12 has helped him shape and clarify how the Lord wants him to lead the business. He has developed solid friendships with fellow members that he can call on for advice and receive genuine support. “C12 has truly changed my life in so many ways. Making time to focus on the business and how I can serve my clients in a way the Lord is wanting me to serve is making a huge difference,” he said.

Durso Capital Management remains a growing business with engaged employees and a loyal client-base. What’s more, Paul is thankful for all his accomplishments, but his greatest achievement in life is his faith in Christ Jesus and the love and admiration received through his family, friends and C12 members. Paul, along with nearly two thousand other business leaders nationwide, is discovering the benefits of running a business with an eternal perspective. To learn more about America’s leading peer advisory roundtable for Christian CEOs and business owners, contact C12 Group Charlotte today.