Peer Mentoring: How To Give AND Receive Trustworthy Counsel

Mar.22.2018 Business Resources

The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out. Proverbs 20:5

We’ve been created, pre-wired and commanded to operate in community.  God’s Word is chock-full of beneficial wisdom and clear instructions to help us understand this in the context of business. Yet, in our pride and desire to demonstrate self-sufficiency, we often seem to prize being viewed as the strong, lone-ranger – leaders, as if our Father and the heavenly throng of saints who have gone before us would somehow approve!

Proverbs 20:5 suggests that we need help to develop the depth of understanding necessary to be maximally fruitful in our calling. Certainly, Biblical truth, prayer and the urging of the Holy Spirit help us to peel the layers of the onion. But, in our busy day-to-day existence as business leaders, if we’re to “draw out” the God-given “purposes of our heart,” we need to set time aside to deeply engage with others in mutually accountable relationships.

Unfortunately, many of us are reluctant to give and receive trustworthy counsel. Unless we overcome our reservations, communicating clearly to one another in truth and love, we’ll lose the benefit of much God-given wisdom. We need to actively pursue conversation with wise men by cultivating the humble art of being inquisitive, with a laser-like focus on applying God’s wisdom in the specific business and life environments in which we operate.
C12’s design, where a diverse group of like-minded peer chief executives are brought together to engage in purposeful learning, fellowship and accountability, is based on the New Testament church model of “every member a minister.” Consider the basic Scriptural truths communicated in the following passages, pausing to read the Bible verses:

  • We are each instrumental parts of the Body of Christ, made to flourish via relationships with other believers (Ro 12:4-8, 1Cor 12:1-38, Eph 4:1-16).
  • As God’s children, we’re to actively minister to each other as part of the “royal priesthood” of all believers for God’s glory (1Pe 2:9, Heb 10:23-25). There’s victory in pursuing greater understanding, intimacy, and diligence as we drink of God’s Living Word, drawing nearer to Him, and building deep relationships with godly counselors (e.g., Proverbs 1:7, 4:7-13, 9:9, 11:14, 12:1, 13:20, 15:22, 16:20, 19:27, 20:18, 23:23, 24:6, 27:17, 28:16).

Some of us are naturally introspective and quick to engage in mutually transparent, authentic relationships with those the Lord has put on our path for such a purpose. Others require far more prideful layers to be peeled off before our self-focused orientation can routinely tolerate, let alone seek such “iron sharpening iron” relationships. Nevertheless, God’s desire and design for us is clear. The growth of long-time C12 members in business, life and Kingdom fruitfulness, is testimony to this truth.

Where are you today? What are you risking, in terms of personal comfort, to deal with these truths? Are you actively practicing the “listen and obey” principle in your life and work? If you’re not satisfied with your answers, determine today what you’ll do differently to sustain a healthy level of Kingdom interaction to help shape your next season as you endeavor to live and finish strong for the Lord.